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Increase wine sales by starting a new conversation with wine consumers. Join Master of Wine, Tim Hanni, and learn how to integrate Vinotype™ strategies into your every day.


Our team is lean and mean! From a Master of Wine (and Baby Boomer) to a Tech Guru (and Gen Xer) to a Data Analytics Entrepreneur (and Millennial!) we are a truly talented, diverse team, capable of great things!

Tim Hanni, MW


America’s 1st Master of Wine. 44 years wine industry experience. 25+ years research on impact of individual sensory sensitivity on preferences for beverages and food. Author, speaker educator and industry consultant Hanni was deemed the “Wine Anti-snob” by the Wall Street Journal and is considered a wine industry visionary.



Wine and tech entrepreneur. Sales, marketing and media guru responsible for development of mobile apps, technology platform, marketing, communications and social media campaigns.



Seattle-based entrepreneur Danni Lin, CEO of Great Wine, Inc., WSET Certified level 3 wine professional, currently pursuing level 4 diploma. Previously, Microsoft business forecasting specialist. Danni not only brings strong business and financial experience, but also extensive international connections and analytical expertise.



“Vinotyping” is a means of assessing an individual’s preferences, sense of aesthetics, personality traits and values to deduce their “sensory sensitivity”, which can dictate the types of wines (among other things) they would prefer most.

Tim Hanni, MW, who created the methodology, has “vinotyped” thousands of wine consumers over the years, and has teamed up with tech entrepreneur, Chris Cutler, to develop a system (aka platform) that automates this process.

Since inception in 2011, the ‘platform’ has gone from a single website, to widgets that live on other websites or in social media, as well as fully-integrated implementations that power other wine businesses, including data analytics, a mobile app (in beta), events, a book, and a revolution that is changing how consumers and the industry make smart wine recommendations. (Hint: it’s about the person, not the product!)

The future of this technology, unfolding with a deepening understanding consumer needs and behaviors from of our research, can be expanded and applied to other areas from beer, spirits, foods, and even as far-reaching as home accessories, electronics, travel destinations, and bed and bath products!

In short eCode.me’s myVinotype technology offers an engaging and revolutionary way to personalize the wine selection experience at a myriad points of consumer purchase points: online, in-store and from restaurant wine lists. It creates communities of people based on similarities of sensory perception and touchpoints of aspirations, aesthetics, learning and interest.

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Working with Tim Hanni and implementing Vinotyping as a core concept of our business has been key to differentiating Humble Grape from traditional wine companies. His enthusiasm and engagement with us has been fantastic. Tim and Chris are readily available to help discuss the next level of our plan and are an absolute pleasure to work with. In a world where a lot of businesses are out for fees at every opportunity these guys first look to add value to their clients and improve their product. In sum - a class act.


Founder, HumbleGrape
Working with Tim and team has been a real thrill. From the very beginning we based our customer management system off the Vinotype platform and they have been with us every step of the way.

Jane Creed

CEO, Wine Shop at Home


eCode.me is located on the West Coast (Napa, CA | Bend, OR | Seattle, WA) of the United States with business entities in China and a global footprint online!